Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bilingual Searcher


Bilingual Searcher is a freeware application that allows you to search and replace across multiple bilingual documents. Supported file formats include standard xliff files (*.xlf/*.xliff), sdlxliff (Trados Studio xliff), mxliff (MemSource xliff), ttx (Trados TagDocument), and tmx (translation memory exchange format). Search results can be exported to other formats (currently only Excel 2007/2010 format available).

Release notes

  • Version released with the following improvements (January 27, 2015):
    - Support of standard xliff files (*.xlf/*.xliff)
    - Added the functionality of grouping files and performing search and replace on the selected groups of files.
    - Added a command line argument to perform simple search.
  • Version released with the following improvements (August 21, 2014):
    - Bug fix: Comments could not be extracted from sdlxliff files generated by Trados Studio 2011.
  • Version released with the following improvements (August 17, 2014):
    - Search performance and memory usage performance improved
    - Add from Folder button has been added to Add Files window. This button allows you to add all supported bilingual files under a specified directory, including those under its child directories.
    - Automatic focus on search results
    - Expand/collapse the search settings panel (F12)
    - Search in tags check box has been added. Using this function, you can search for text in placeholders in segments.
  • Version released with the following improvements (March 22, 2014):
    - Find All button is now set to default so that find operation can be executed simply by hitting Enter.
    - Replace allowed check box has been added to Add Files window. Select this check box when you want to protect files from unintended replacement.
  • Version released with the following improvements (March 17, 2014):
    - Export function added
    - Search performance greatly improved


Download_48x48Bilingual Searcher ver. (zip file)
*If you are using Chrome, it may block the file from being downloaded. If that happens, use a different browser or disable blocking temporarily before downloading the file.

I would be grateful if you would leave a comment about:
- what you think about the application
- feature requests
- bug reports

Main features

- Search and replacement across bilingual files
- Replacement on the translation units selected in the search results view
- Search options such as regular expressions and search in tags
- Replacement options such as upper-to-lower conversion
- Filtering out search results based on file names, text entries, and segment statuses
- Exporting search results to other formats (currently only Excel 2007/2010 xlsx)

Sending search text as a command line argument

Just append search text to the executable file path as shown below:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Capybara Translation\Bilingual Searcher\BilingualSearcherApp.exe" "search text"

Operating environment

- .NET Framework 4.0

Screen capture


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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your efforts, this application works great. But I badly need a batch replace option. I mean a possibility to replace words and expression according to the list, not one by one, as now. For example, eat=essen, drink=trinken, etc. I translate legal texts and there are a lot of cliches, Now, I have to replace them manually, one by one. It would be very helpful to automate the process :)
    So, I would add the files to this application, perform batch replace, then open them in Studio and translate.

  2. Hi,
    Do you consider developing a standalone QA tool? Studio's built-in QA Verifier is not good. There are some apps like Xbench, Verifika etc. But I think you can develop another alternative.