Tuesday, November 4, 2014

SegmentSearcher (plug-in for Trados Studio 2014-2019)


SegmentSearcher is a Trados Studio 2014/2015 plug-in that enables you to search through the documents opened in the Studio editor and list the matched segments in a nicely formatted html table.

Release notes

  • Version 1.1 released (November 13, 2014)
  • Version 1.1 for Trados Studio 2015 released (July 23, 2015)
  • Version 1.3 for Trados Studio 2017/2019 released (April 24, 2019)


SegmentSearcher version 1.1 for Trados Studio 2014 (zip file)
SegmentSearcher version 1.1 for Trados Studio 2015 (zip file)
SegmentSearcher version 1.3 for Trados Studio 2017/2019 (hosted on SDL AppStore)
*If you are using Chrome, it may block the file from being downloaded. If that happens, use a different browser or disable blocking temporarily before downloading the file.

Operating requirements

- Trados Studio 2014/2015/2017/2019


1. Double-click the installer and follow the instructions provided to finish installing the plug-in.
2. Start Trados Studio 2014/2015.
3. Open one or more sdlxliff documents to translate.
4. On the ribbon interface, select View –> SegmentSearcher.
The SegmentSearcher view appears at the bottom of the Studio’s editor.

Using SegmentSearcher

1. Type the text to search for in the Find what field.
2. Select the In source or In target check box.
3. Press Enter or click the Search button to start searching.


- Search for the selected text
Right-click the text selected on the editor and choose Search by SegmentSearcher from the context menu (or just press Alt + F10).
- Jump to the corresponding segment / Return to the segment where you executed the searchEach record in the search results contains a clickable segment ID that you can use to jump to the corresponding segment on the editor.
You can also return to the segment where you executed the search, simply by clicking the Return button.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your efforts, this application works great. But I badly need a batch replace option. I mean a possibility to replace words and expression according to the list, not one by one, as now. For example, eat=essen, drink=trinken, etc. I translate legal texts and there are a lot of cliches, Now, I have to replace them manually, one by one. It would be very helpful to automate the process :)
    So, I would add the files to this application, perform batch replace, then open them in Studio and translate.

  2. Dear Junya,
    clicking on the segment number in the ID column will no longer take me to the given segment. Is this an isolated problem or a known issue? Any ideas?
    Thanks, Levente

  3. Hello Junya,
    I am having the same problem as Levente; I can not longer jump to different segments by clicking on the numbers in the segmentsearcher window. This is a brilliant app and I use it all the time, would appreciate a fix. It's been going on at least a month.

  4. Dear Junya,
    can we expect an update for this plugin anytime soon?
    I really miss it...

    1. Hi Levente,

      Sorry for late reply.
      I have released SegmentSearcher for Studio 2017/2019.


  5. Dear Junya,
    I would echo Levente's comment that an update for Studio 2019 would be amazing. Your plugin has speeded up my workflow tremendously. I have purchased an upgrade from Studio 2017 to 2019 but don't plan to activate it unless/until your plugin is available. Thanks again for the brilliant work you've done. Will there be a way to find out if/when it's available besides checking the SDL app store?


    1. Hi Maria,

      Sorry for late reply.
      I have released SegmentSearcher for Studio 2017/2019.